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Maven Snapshot Dependency Error

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The error happened when:

  1. I want to redeploy a web application and find it cannot compile successfully. The error is that some classes in the “com.solomon/solomon-am-client” dependency cannot be found.

  2. After some investigation, I find the root cause is that, the version “1.0-SNAPSHOT” of “com.solomon/solomon-am-client” used by this project is updated and the classes used in the project are removed from its code.

Java SynchronousQueue

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Synchronous queues are similar to rendezvous channels used in CSP and Ada. They are well suited for handoff designs, in which an object running in one thread must sync up with an object running in another thread in order to hand it some information, event, or task. –From Java offical document here

Importing Existing Repo Into Git

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The requirement is to importing an existing Git repository into another target git server. The solution comes from here.

# 1. In the target git server, create the repo from web UI, record the
# repo URL.
# 2. In your local git repo, run the following command to add the new
# remote target repo URL.
git remote add gitlab url-to-gitlab-repo
# 3. Push the code in the local master branch to the target remote git repo.
git push gitlab master