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Yin Yang: The Flute Music Piece

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笛子曲“阴阳”,作曲者不详,演奏者不详,是央视节目“百家讲坛:刘心武揭秘红楼梦”的背景音乐之一。网上有很多人寻找这首曲子,给出的大部分答案是德国”New Age”音乐家”Karunesh”的专辑”Zen Breakfast”中的”Calling Wisdom”一曲,还总加上一句“从2分04秒开始”。这个答案是不对的。”Calling Wisdom”中的那段笛子的旋律确实和“阴阳”很像,但是如果你听过“阴阳”,你就能很容易地分辨出两者的不同。而且两首曲子演奏的时长也相差甚远:”Calling Wisdom”中的笛子演奏大概只有1分30秒,而“阴阳”有4分40秒,前者不是一首完整的曲子,后者才是。至于这两首曲子之间是否存在什么联系,就只能由知情人士给出答案了。


Create OPML File From RSS URLs

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Normally RSS tools support import “OPML” file(like this one), however in some cases you may only have a list of RSS URLs. For this situation you can use this website to generate an “OPML” file from your RSS URLs. From here.

Clear Historical Commits of Octopress Master Branch

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One problem when using Octopress(version “2.0”) is that: each time when doing deployment, a full copy of the website is added into the “master” branch as a new commit. If you have been updating the website hundreds of times like me, the “master” branch will have many commits and use much storage. As the content in the “master” branch is unnecessary to be version controlled, I always want to clear the “master” branch of “Octopress” to reduce the size of this repository.

Today I did some research and here is the solution(from here).