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My annual questionnaire content 2011

Summarize the major accomplishments achieved during this performance appraisal period:

As a developer:

  1. I participated the development of OMP 2.2/2.3/2.4/3.0 releases and delivered my work successfully and on time;

  2. I learned quite a few new technologies. Such as RESTful ws, Jersey, Quartz;

  3. I got more details of our product, especially the parts not owned by our team.

As a tech lead:

  1. I played well as a contact point between the ticketing team and the other stockholders;

  2. I acted a qualified designer of the project, a good coordinator of the team.

  3. My English and communication skills are improved.

List areas to be further developed in order to increase your expertise or strengthen your job performance:

  1. English;

  2. Time management;

  3. Influence;

  4. New technologies;

  5. Experience.

List the most and least satisfying aspects of your job:

Most satisfying aspects:

  1. Good interpersonal relationship with my manager and the other team members;

  2. The chances to design/implement important software system;

  3. Advanced software process and tools;

  4. Flexible work time and the work-from-home option;

  5. Office environment.

Less satisfying aspects:

  1. Overlapping releases plan;

  2. Uncertain future goals of our product.

Describe your short and long term career and professional development goals:

Short term goals:

  1. Learn new technologies;

  2. Get more domain specific knowledge of our system, and the technical details of the system;

  3. Improve communication skills and English;

  4. Improve time management ability;

Long term goals:

  1. Have the solid knowledge of software development, both design and implementation, in width and depth;

  2. Good team management ability, influence to the team members;

  3. Good communication skills, English, and time management;

  4. Impressive and outstanding software works;

  5. Be an architect.

List any additional comments for this performance appraisal period:

Although the last year was full of uncertainty not only to our team, but also to our project, we still did a great job. I hope in the next year, we will have clear vision and goals of our project and our team, which is important to motivate all the team members. Then we can do a even greater job.