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How to be a bad manager

Scenario 1:

Manager: T

Subordinate: M

Other team’s member in a different timezone: F

T wants F and M have a meeting for something. He calls F and asks him if he has time at 9:00AM tomorrow to have a meeting with Michael and himself. F answers yes. Then T writes an email to M and tells him that he should attend the meeting at 9:00 AM tomorrow morning with F from home (This company’s working time is from 9:30 usually).

In the phone meeting F asks whether it’s possible that a person from T’s team can do some on-line support at 6:30 AM the next day. T says it’s OK and M can do that, before asking M if he can or not, who is also on the phone call.

Why it’s bad:

This 2 behaviors show the manager’s regardlessness of respect to his subordinate. It’s very basic politeness to ask the subordinate first when asking him to do some work in his spare time. From the subordinate’s perspective, the manager just takes him as a tool more than a human being.