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Hacking MK802

###How to create SD card with OS on it(refer here and here)

  1. Download the image file from Internet, such as here.

  2. Insert your SD card and get its corresponding device name, such as “sdb”:

df -h
  1. Unmount the mounted partition(s) of this device, such as “sdb1” and “sdb2” of “sdb”. After that, you can still see the device by running:
ls /dev/sd*
  1. Unzip the downloaded pacakge file to get the image file(*.img) if needed and run the following command to write the image file into the SD card:
sudo dd if=the_image_file.img of=/dev/sdb
# Note: make sure you use the right SD device name, otherwise you may clear your hard disk!
sudo sync
# This sync command makes sure the the write has finished.
  1. Eject the SD card, put it into your MK802, turn on the MK802 and enjoy!

###How to enable 1080p output for the MK802 Mini PC in Ubuntu(from here)

The key is to replace the “evb.bin” file in the SD card you get in the above section.

  1. You should see several files including “evb.bin”, “mele.bin”, “sys_config1.mele_mod.bin”, and “uImage” in the smaller partition of the SD card;

  2. Delete the “evb.bin” file(or backup it if you need it later);

  3. Download another “evb.bin” from here, rename it to “evb.bin” if needed, and copy it to the original place;

  4. That’s it.