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Cloud Foundry API Java Library Exploration 1

Here is something I got about the Cloud Foundry Java API library.

  1. Here is the Cloud Foundry Eclipse Integration plug-in, in which it uses the CloudFoundry Java client API to communicate with the CloudFoundry server.

  2. After downloading the source code of the above project, you can find it uses the following 2 jar files(under the “org.cloudfoundry.ide.eclipse.server.core” sub-project) to achieve this:

    1. cloudfoundry-client-lib-0.8.3.jar

    2. cloudfoundry-caldecott-lib-0.1.3.jar

  3. Then googling them you can find they belong to the “vcap-java-client“ project:

    1. cloudfoundry-client-lib

    2. cloudfoundry-caldecott-lib

  4. Something about the CloudFoundry API java library jar files:

    1. All the library projects are Apache licensed;

    2. About the “vcap-java-client”, it’s(from here):

      The vcap-java-client repo contains a java client library and tools for
      Cloud Foundry. The library provides a set of classes that ultimately
      call the core Cloud Foundry REST API.

    3. “cloudfoundry-client-lib” is the main part of this library;

    4. About the “cloudfoundry-caldecott-lib”, it’s(from here):

      s library is intended to be used from a Java application when tunneling into Cloud Foundry data services using the server side Caldecott application. It is similar to the tunnel feature of the command line client vmc. Once the tunnel is started you can connect with a local data client application using the appropriate connection parameters. This library provides functionality to run as a server for a specific Cloud Foundry data service. This server will listen for local connections on a specific port to provide tunneling via the server side Caldecott application.