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Farewell to LI Qi

Li Qi was my colleague who just passed away for cancer last Wednesday(Feb 20, 2013).

She and I became employees of my current company in the same month(Nov 2011), we were in the same team, and we took the new employee training together.

It’s the first time that a close person of me passed away, so suddenly.

I can still remember that She and I took the first annual health checkup on the same day in the Dec 2011, just one month after we were on board. The “B-type Ultrasound” doctor told her that there’s SOMETHING in her spleen. It took three months that she confirmed that it’s cancer. Soon she took the spleen resection. After that, she never came back to office.

After her surgery I saw her three times.

About Apr 2012, several team members including me visited her in the the hispital. At that time she still looked good although weak. When we got there, one of her friends, her college roommate was there. I saw her friend was weeping, and Li Qi was comforting her. At that time I had no idea how serious her cancer was.

The second time is about Nov 2012. We went to her department. Her parents were there, taking care of her. She was very weak and lost a lot of weight. Her stomach was hurt by the treatment and she couldn’t eat much. I realy felt sad when I saw a friend was tortured by the illness like that.

On Feb 20 2013, last Wednesday, I was told by my manager, that she just passed away in the early morning. My manager got the phone call from Li Qi’s husband.

From her last Weibo update, I knew that she just passed her 2nd marrige anniversary on Feb 14, 2013.

On Feb 22 2013, I attend her funeral. I saw her parents, who looked much more older than I saw them first time half a year ago. It is really a huge blow to them to lose their only child. I couldn’t imagine what kind of pain I would take if I were them. It was like just yesterday that we were making the new hiring process together. I feel the vulnerability of life which I never felt before.

Li Qi, hope you get peace.

Li Qi(李琦): 1983.07.24 - 2013.02.20

1983.07.24 - 2013.02.20

Li Qi with college root mates(from Weibo):

Li Qi with college room mates