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It is said that PyCharm is the most powerful Python IDE, which is produced by JetBrains. After using it one day, I think it is very good with the following advantages over the pure text editors like Sublime Text:

  1. Powerful code auto-completion feature. Almost as the same as Java IDE such as IntelliJ and Eclipse.

  2. “Jump to source” feature. Not only the source in project, but also the library source you use.

  3. PEP-8 violation tips and a lot of other coding suggestions.

  4. Python file code structure view as Java class structure in IntelliJ and Eclipse.

  5. Git awareness.

  6. Friendly debugging feature.

  7. Plug-in on demand. After I created a bash shell file inside a project of PyCharm, PyCharm asked me if I need install a plug-in which supports editing bash shell script file. Of cource yes!

  8. Coding suggestions all the time. For an exmaple, after I installed the bash shell editing plug-in, it suggested me to add the shebang line to the file.

Something not so good:

  1. Cannot use the existing pyenv environment. That means although you have already installed a package in your existing pyenv environment, you have to install the package in PyCharm again to make PyCharm work with that package.