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Make Windows Keyboard Work on Mac

There are requirements to use Windows layout keyboards on Mac, especially the mechanical keyboards. Here is how to configure Mac to use a Windows layout keyboard. From here.

On Mac, go to “System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Modifier Keys…”, a pop-up window lists all the special keys mappings. First make sure you are confguring the right keyboard in the “Select keyboard” dropdown list, then update the following keys mappings:

  1. Option Key: From “Option” to “Command”

  2. Command Key: From “Command” to “Option”

Click “OK” to save.

After this change, the “Windows” key of your keyboard plays the role of “Option” key for Mac, and the “Alt” key of your keyboard plays the role of “Command” key, which follow the Mac keyboard layout style.

For me one more benefit is: a problem of the mechanical keyboard I’m using, which supports both Mac and Windows, is solved after I use this solution: the keyboard lights cannot be closed under the Mac mode.