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Dental Services: Basic or Major?

Today when I was claiming a dental expense, I was asked that whether the dental service is “basic” or “major”. I totally had no idea, so I googled it and get the following result from here.

Dental plans usually group the procedures they cover into three categories: 1. Preventive, 2. Basic and 3. Major dental services.

Preventive dental services

  • examinations

  • cleanings (prophylaxis)

  • bitewing x-rays

  • periapical x-rays

  • full-mouth, panorex x-rays

  • fluoride treatments (age limitations may apply)

  • space maintainers (may be a Basic service, age limitations may apply)

  • tooth sealants (may be a Basic service, age limitations may apply)

Basic dental services

  • emergency care for pain relief

  • amalgam fillings

  • composite fillings (white fillings)

  • sedative fillings

  • routine tooth extractions - (Details about insurance coverage for pulling teeth.)

  • root canal treatment - (may be Major service) (Details about insurance coverage for root canals.)

  • periodontal scaling and root planing

  • periodontal surgery (may be Major service)

  • recementing dental crowns

  • stainless steel (prefabricated) crowns

  • non-routine x-rays

Major dental services

  • dental crowns (may be a Basic service) - (Details about insurance coverage for dental crowns.)

  • inlays and onlays

  • bridgework

  • tooth implants

  • impacted wisdom teeth removal (may be Basic)

  • complex oral surgery procedures

  • anesthesia / sedation

  • removable partial dentures

  • complete dentures

  • denture relines and rebases

  • denture repair

  • orthodontic treatment