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Two VirtualBox Issues and Fixes

Today I upgrade VirtualBox to the latest version 6.0.12 and find 2 issues. Here is the description how to fix them.


After I upgrade VirtualBox and open a VM, an error dialog pop up which says that the current display configuration combination “Graphics Cotroller ‘VBoxVGA’ + Enable 3D Acceleration” is invalid, and it recommends to use “VMSVGA” instead of “VBoxVGA”.

After I do this change, the error message is gone and I find the following existing issues are gone as well:

  1. The content in the VM window is not moved after dragging the VirtualBox window.

  2. The browsers(Firefox/Chrome) show messy window after I resize the VitualBox window to a large size.

Install VBoxGuestAdditions.iso

When I want to install “VBoxGuestAdditions.iso” I get the following error:

Could not mount the media/drive ‘/Applications/’ (VERR_PDM_MEDIA_LOCKED).

I get the solution from here:

  1. Get to “Settings -> Storage”, remove the existing optical drive and add a new one.

  2. In VM do the same installation again and it works.