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ManKier is a collection of man pages, translated from the their original troff to semantic HTML5.

By setting ManKier as a search engine in browser, we can easily search Linux commands when browsing web pages. Currently both Firfox and Chrome are supported. For example, we can type “man grep -e” in the browser search bar and open the “grep” command man page in HTML provided by ManKier directly in the browser.


  1. Go to “Settings -> Search”. In the “Search Bar” section, choose “Add search bar in toolbar”.

  2. Open a new tab, go to “".

  3. Tap the “Add search engine” icon in the search bar and add the “ManKier” item.

  4. Go back to the “Settings -> Search”, in the “Search Shortcuts” section, find the “ManKier” item and add the “man” keyword value.

  5. In the “Search Bar” section, choose “Use the address bar for search and navigation”.


  1. Go to “Settings -> Search engine -> Manage search engines and site search”. In the “Search engines” section, click the “Add” button.

  2. In the pop-up window, set the following content and click “add”:

    1. Search engine: “ManKier”

    2. Shortcut: “man”

    3. URL with %s in place of query: “"

After finishing the settings above, open a browser tab(either Firefox or Chrome), you can type something like “man ps -ef” to get the detailed help information of the target command.